Insuring and Licensing a Vehicle in Nanyuki

Insuring and Licensing a Vehicle in Nanyuki

by Truman Young (to blame for misinformation)

Good News! As of 2006, private vehicles no longer need a yearly road license. They do still need to have up-to-date insurance (third party is sufficient).

First, find your logbook.   This is a piece of stout stock paper folded in thirds with all of your vehicle's particulars.   Do not lose this; it is your primary evidence of ownership.   MRC can keep yours on file and safe.

The insurance can be done with any of several agents in Nanyuki.   Esso (Mobil) can do it for you. I have used the corner shop across from the Post Office and next to the Chemists (which might be cheaper).   You may want to stay with the previous agent, if you know who they are. They should send you a renewal notice through the mail.   But it is nearly as easy to start over with a new agent.   Just go in, tell them what you want, and pay up.   They may want a photocopy of your logbook (or at least information from it).   It will take a few days for them to get the certificate from the insurance company.   When you get it, you will put one copy in your windscreen (the other sticker there).   The extra copy you should paperclip into your log book.

"Commercial" vehicles in Kenya still need their road license renewed every year, along with an annual vehicle inspection.  Any vehicle with a pick-up bed is classed as Commercial, regardless of its use. Mobil or your Nanyuki mechanic can walk you through the process (or do it for you).