Lab News

TPY at Sand Walk March 2024
Darwin's study March 2024
  • February 2024: Mau Stanton interviews Truman for the UC Davis Emeriti Association. Thanks, Mau!

January 2024: More exciting news! Lab member and early KLEE researcher Michelle Gadd is elected to the 2024 Class of Explorers 50 (Explorer's Club). Also, Mpala collaborator Tobey Kiers.

December 2022: Exciting News!  Felicia Keesing, one of the first researchers to work in KLEE, and author/co-author of 20 KLEE publications, has been awarded the 2022 International Cosmos Prize! Previously awardees include E.O. Wilson, Jared Diamond, Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough, Stuart Pimm, Peter Raven, and Jane Goodall. Congratulations, Felicia!

2018 Young lab ESA

  • July 2017: Kelly Gravuer’s paper, “Nutrient and rainfall additions shift phylogenetically estimated traits of soil microbial communities” is published in Frontiers in Microbiology.
  • June 2017: The KLEE project (the Kenya Longterm Exclosure Experiment) exceeds 100 publications (70 from the exclosures themselves), making it the most productive field experiment ever carried on on the continent of Africa.
  • June 2017: Kristina Wolf shepherds a lab review on the role on restoration in responding to climate change, published in Grasslands.
  • June 2017: Kari Veblen gets tenure at Utah State University. Congratulations. Kari!
  • May 2017: Corinna Riginos takes a position as Conservation Scientist for The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming.
  • May 2017: Lab gets two papers published in Ecology, one first-authored by Ryan Sensenig on fire and ants in KLEE (Kenya) and one first-authored by Katie Stuble on priority effects, year effects, and site effects in PRYER (California).
  • May 2017: Duncan Kimuyu’s paper the effects of cattle, rainfall and elephants on wildlife habitat use appears in .
  • April 2017: Wilfred Odadi’s paper on post-fire competition between wildlife and cattle is chosen as an Editor’s Choice in the Journal of Ecology. Well done, Wilfred!
  • March 2017:  Kristina Wolf takes a position as a restoration scientist at H.T. Harvey.
  • March 2017: Laura Morales is awarded her doctorate in Ecology. Congratulations, Laura!
  • January to August 2017: There is an invasion of hundreds of armed herders and over 100,000 cattle into Laikipia, Kenya.
  • January 2017:  Paper on the effects of wildlife and cattle on savanna primary productivity, senior-authored by Grace Charles and Lauren Porensky, is published in Ecological Applications.
  • December 2016: Starry Sprenkle’s paper on agroforestry/restoration in Haiti is published in Ecological Restoration, and gets the cover photo!
  • December 2016: Duncan Kimuyu is awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Nairobi. Congratulations, Duncan!
  • November 2016: Lauren Porensky’s paper on edge effects and patch orientation appears in Landscape Ecology.
  • October 2016: Laura Morales is co-author on a Polylepis genetics paper published in Austral Ecology.
  • April-September 2016: the extended lab celebrates two engagements, two marriages, two babies, and two more on the way!

Oct 2016

  • September 2016: Chhaya Werner’s first-authored paper on the long-term effects of priority planting in restoration is published in Ecological Applications.
  • September 2016: “Are cattle surrogate wildlife?”, summarizing 15 years of KLEE vegetation data, is published in Ecological Applications, and gets the cover photo!
  • August 2016: Kelly Gravuer is awarded her Ph.D. degree. Congratulations, Kelly!
  • August 2016: Kristina Wolf’s paper the relationship between livestock production and recreational use of public lands is accepted for publication in Rangeland Ecology and Management.
  • July 2016: Jennifer Balachowski’s paper on the physiological correlates of summer dormancy in grasses is published in Annals of Botany.
  • July 2016: Steve Fick’s paper on restoration on the Colorado Plateau is published in Ecosphere.
  • July 2016: Jen Balachowski and Kristina Wolf are awarded Shapiro Family Awards for the best doctoral dissertations at UC Davis in Plant Sciences and Agroecology, respectively. Well done, Kristina and Jen!
  • June 2015: Kristina Wolf’s paper exploring the use of flushing annuals as a restoration technique is published in Ecosphere.
  • May 2016: Steve Fick and Kristina Wolf earn their Ph.D.’s in Ecology. Congratulations, Kristina and Steve!
  • March 2016: Chhaya Werner is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Way to go, Chhaya!
  • March 2016: Emily Zefferman accepts a Conservation Ecologist position with the Monterrey Resource Conservation District (RCD). Congratulations, Emily!
  • March 2016: Steve Fick accepts a Research Associate position with the Stockholm Environmental Institute, Sweden. Congratulations, Steve!
  • March 2016: Truman co-leads an 18-day graduate field course down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and survives.
  • February 2016: “Leveraging nature’s backup plans” appears in Restoration Ecology.
  • January 2016: Mila Dunbar-Irwin’s paper comparing yellow pine forests in (burned) Baja and (fire-suppressed) California comes out in Forest Ecology and Management.
  • December 2015: Katie Stuble wraps up her post-doc in the Young lab to start an ISEECI post-doc, followed by a full-time position with the Holden Arboretum in Ohio.
  • December 2015: Jen Balachowski earns her Ph.D. in Ecology. Congratulations, Jen!
  • August 2015: First paper on the synergistic effects of fire and herbivory appears in the Journal of Animal Ecology.
  • June 2015:  A lab-written paper on the low invasion of harsh sites (senior-authored by Emily Zefferman) appears in AoB PLANTS.
  • June 2015: Emily Zefferman is awarded a Shapiro Award for the best dissertation in Ecology at UC Davis. Congratulations, Emily!
  • June 2015: Lab paper on fire revealing cryptic plant diversity, first-authored by Derek Young, is published in Ecosphere.
  • Spring 2015: The Ecological Society of America announces their 2015-19 cohort of (nine) Early Career Fellows. One is lab alumna Corinna Riginos. Congratulations, Corinna! Three others are past or current KLEE researchers at Mpala (Hillary Young, Rob Pringle, and Brian Allan).